Elecrow Christmas Tree

Elecrow sponsored (or maybe still sponsors or maybe will sponsor again next christmas) a free PCB prototyping service (10 x 10 cm) for christmas related designs. So I designed and routed some shiny battery driven christmas tree. Until today my design isn't tested (I haven't found time for soldering and programming) so the following is just a raw project description.

It is just a simple circuit with some LEDs around an Atmel ATMEGA328P with the possibility to measure battery voltage. All LED currents are planned to be very low so all LEDs will be driven by the microcontroller itself. In the download section you will find the schematic (pdf) and all gerber files.


Bill of Materials

Reference Value Footprint Mouser part number
C4 100nF 0603
C3 100nF 0603
C2 100nF 0603
C1 100nF 0603
L1 10µH 0603
BT1 3 x AAA 534-2479
SW1 SPDT 611-JS102011SCQN
R3 169R 0603
R4 169R 0603
R5 169R 0603
R6 169R 0603
R7 169R 0603
R8 169R 0603
R9 169R 0603
R10 169R 0603
R11 169R 0603
R12 169R 0603
R13 249R 0603
R14 178R 0603
R15 169R 0603
D1 Standard LED PLLC-2
D2 Standard LED PLLC-2
D3 Standard LED PLLC-2
D4 Standard LED PLLC-2
D5 Standard LED PLLC-2
D6 Standard LED PLLC-2
D7 Standard LED PLLC-2
D8 Standard LED PLLC-2
D9 Standard LED PLLC-2
D10 Standard LED PLLC-2
CON1 6 positions 2x3 box header 710-61200621621


Description Type Link
Schematic pdf …schematic.pdf
Gerber files zip …gerber.zip