Alarmailage 2017

The night of first of may: Dancing arround the maypole (drinking bear near a birch, actually) and looking for some other maypoles to steal (until six o'clock in the morning). Unfortunately, there may be other thefts arround. Be aware of a stolen maypole!

1 My Solution

We need an alarm system. Therefore we have to deal with three things: The second point is kind of simple: We just need some spotlights and some kind of loud sound. All this is going to be activated via a remote controlled power socket. The remote control is in turn going to be triggered by some simple curcuit, the alarm system itself.

The first point on our list above is nearly as simple as the second one: Two (iron) contacts which are electrically connected inside the maypole (two drilled holes in our birch with electrically connected magnets) indicate that the alarm system hasn't been removed. To make sure that the alarm system stays in place itself it is provided with an acceleration sensor.

The last point remains: Sending a secret code via some very simple IR remote control (called AlarmaID) and an even simpler protocol will disable our alarm system. Note to myself: We need a housing with a translucent cover.

This is a homemade PCB (B as is Breadboard, actually) so there doesn't exist any gerber data or relevant layout files. The schematics and the sourcecode for both, the alarm system itself and the IR remote control, may serve as an inspiration and therefore may be downloaded in the download section.

2 Gallery

Logo design by my girlfriend remixing an SVG image of birch leafs by Natasha Sinegina licensed under CC BY 4.0.
The rendered PCB (actually, B as in Breadboard). The empty space is reserved for the remote control.


Schematic - Alarmailage pdf55 kBschematic_­alarmailage.pdf
Schematic - AlarmaID pdf25 kBschematic_­alarmaID.pdf
Sourcecode - Alarmailage zip7 kBsourcecode_­
Sourcecode - AlarmaID zip1 kBsourcecode_­

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