Christmas Lantern

There are a lot of things at home which can be illuminated and I can assure you: I illuminated them all…. Ok, there are things which can be illuminated but I never found enough time to do so. And of course there are things which can be illuminated but I wasn't allowed to do so. But I illuminated a lot of them. And what to do if there aren't any more things I want/am able/am allowed to illuminate? Build a new one and illuminate it!

It's christmas time. So I build a shiny battery driven christmas lantern. Actually it is just a simple circuit with some RGB-LEDs around an STM32F0 microcontroller simulating candlelight and some surrounding wooden profiles.

You may have a look onto some rendered images and photos in the gallery. The schematic, all gerber files and the sourcecode may be downloaded in the download section.

This project uses LibOpenCM3. In order to build the binary you have to get a copy of it and fit the variable 'LIBOPENCM3_DIR' in the project's Makefile properly. The specific version my binaries are linked against may be downloaded below.

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Schematic pdf25 kBschematic.pdf
Gerber files zip82
Sourcecode zip10
LibOpenCM3 zip1.4 MBlibopencm3_­2017-12-31_­GMT_­

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